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// what did you watch?

// Each week, on a Sunday, I hand the reigns of movie criticism over to you. Tell me what you saw at the Cinema or on DVD/Blu-Ray that either made your pants moist or your temperature sky-rocket due to its brilliance or whackness. If you’ve seen a movie, I want to know about it.

Your review doesn’t need to be sprawling epic like many of my reviews. it can simply be the name of the movie and a rating out of 5. It really is that easy. For example, White Chicks – the greatest movie ever made, 5/5.

This month, the prize will be the opportunity to have your review featured on the site. Plus if it’s really good perhaps we can make it a regular gig. Who could say no to that?!

The bar has been set. I look forward to your responses.

Thanks for writing.



// Poll of the Day: Bye Bye Bin Laden

// It’s been a slow day today. However, with the news that Osama bin Laden has been shot down like a thanksgiving goose today, I wanted to see if this will change your opinion on Afghanistan as a luxury holiday destination? Spacious caves, war-torn cities and no more Osama bin Laden! If that doesn’t scream summer with the kids I don’t know what will. Let the voting begin.

I will be offering an introductory price to my Afghan Tours, for those who vote or leave feedback on this post.

Thanks for Reading/Voting.


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