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// it’s been…. emotional

I’m back.


Having allowed myself some time off for a sneaky trip back to the UK to lose my mind in a field in Somerset and buy, but not necessarily bring back into Australia, the world reserve of Reggae Reggae sauce.

So… Stick with Browntails for all your film needs. I also be throwing some reviews of restaurants, pubs, clubs, super hero hangouts. You get the idea.

As always if there is anything you wish to bring to my attention please get in touch.

I’m still struggling to get back on AU time, but while I fight the sleep dementors allow me to take this opportunity to thank all my buddies that made this year’s Glastonbury a truly disgraceful/amazing little market on the 2011 calendar. Now can someone tell Chase & Status to stop playing in my head… Cheers!

So how shit is The Green Lantern then? Is Transformers 3 worse? I’ll soon post up some thoughts as I’m going to back-to-back view these two little sausages.

Ya huuuuurd!




// what did you watch?

// Each week, on a Sunday, I hand the reigns of movie criticism over to you. Tell me what you saw at the Cinema or on DVD/Blu-Ray that either made your pants moist or your temperature sky-rocket due to its brilliance or whackness. If you’ve seen a movie, I want to know about it.

Your review doesn’t need to be sprawling epic like many of my reviews. it can simply be the name of the movie and a rating out of 5. It really is that easy. For example, White Chicks – the greatest movie ever made, 5/5.

This month, the prize will be the opportunity to have your review featured on the site. Plus if it’s really good perhaps we can make it a regular gig. Who could say no to that?!

The bar has been set. I look forward to your responses.

Thanks for writing.


// Sydney so far – A Hipstamatic Chronicle

// I have now been in Sydney for just under 4 months and so far so good. Great weather, great people and whilst not as big as London, the access to the beaches is awesome. Even as we approach the end of Autumn I have had the opportunity to sit and soak up the sun like a lizard on Bondi beach with a cold cider. It was also during this spell of sun worshiping that I realised I had taken some great shots with my iPhone’s Hipstamatic photo app and thought I would share them on my blog… even if it is slightly off topic. If you don’t already own it, get it. You won’t regret it.

So here they are. A few photos of me and my friends in and around Sydney. Enjoy.

Thanks for stopping by. Stay classy Sydney.


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