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There’s been rumblings and mumblings across the world about what exactly will take place in Chris Nolan’s epic conclusion to his Dark knight trilogy. Will this be the end for the caped crusader? Will Bane break his spine like he did in Knightfall? Only time will tell.

As the bloggers ponder and throw around their theories and wild speculations, Nolan has always had a tight control on getting excitement ramped up for these movies. This is no more apparent than the latest teaser poster featuring Bane walking into the distance and a broken Batman mask lying in the rain being pummelled by the rain. It certainly adds fuel to argument that this instalment will be the end of our eponymous hero. It’s dark, it raises questions and it probably only the start of what will undoubtedly be another solid poster series. I mean, did you see all the incredible Dark Knight posters that were floating around?

Christian Bale reprises his role as the Dark Knight, alongside Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman, and Michael Caine. Tom Hardy joins the cast as the notorious Bane.

Feast your eye pouches on this and prepare for more in the coming months. The Dark Knight Rises drops in Summer 2012 – Check out the teaser trailer here

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