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// I remember when Justin Timberlake was in N-Sync

You can’t poo these days without seeing JT on-screen. It seems no matter what film is out or about to come out, he’s in it. I’m still undecided on the whole thing. He was watchable in The Social Network, but why has Hollywood decided to cut off a nut in order to get him into every genre under the sun. I’m all for diversifying the portfolio, but for me there’s too much JT market saturation.

I actually quite like the look and feel of the movie. It’s kind of like Blade Runner meets Fifth Element meets Minority Report meets Logan’s Run meets… You get the idea. Directed Andrew Niccol who brought us Gattaca and Lord of War (both solid titles), it also stars Cillian Murphy who appears to do a bang up job of getting angry and hunting down that pesky chap who wants to rock with you.

Check out the trailer below.

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