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I 'Spidermanned' a girl once. Didn't go down well.

Sooo… It’s been a while, but now that full-time employment has been secured (dance in your seat), I can actually give my blog a little more love that I have been doing. To kick things back off I think it only fair to flag up a trailer that has been causing me some issues this week. Enter The Amazing Spiderman.

Sadly, despite being filmed in a slightly grittier way, there’s nothing new here for us to really get our teeth in to. There’s a brief glimpse into Peter Parker’s childhood as we see his parents abandoning him, but honestly I couldn’t care less. What I want is a bad ass Spider-man. One that takes no shit and takes his anger out on a pot plant like a normal radioactive man. The slight change in bite location didn’t do much for me either. The final ‘Mirror’s Edge-esque’ swinging section will probably delight 12 years olds across the planet, but for me this hasn’t done much to engage my excitement muscle.

The first post of many. It’s nice to be back moaning about movies I’ll probably end up paying to go and see anyway. Huzzah.

Thanks for swinging by. Bah-Dum.

What are you thoughts?



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