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// new trailer – Green With Envy

// Amy Adams and Jason Segel star in an unconventional Rom-Com

Rom-Coms generally anger me. Not that I would ever discourage other people from viewing them, but after being forced to watch the car crash that was Maid of Honour (2008) I have had some issues to work out and dedicated myself to other important cinematic treats. However, even with that said, this looks amazing. Poignant and heart wrenching, this movie will undoubtedly be the hot tip of the year. Of course Segel and Adams aren’t alone in making the magic come to life. Check out the trailer below and see for yourself why this film is destined for greatness. You have been warned.

See what I mean!? I hope Segel keeps his trousers on in this movie. No ‘Sarah Marshall’ moments please Big J.

More to come in the following weeks… I hope.

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