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// new trailer – Bad Teacher (Red Band)

// Hold my ball sack.

If I’m brutally honest Diaz has been in some shithouse stuff over the years. Too many to list, I’m sure you can think of more than I can. However, she was, as far as i can remember, one of the first women I think I got a boner from after watching them on screen – see The Mask (1994) – in fact it still has the same effect today. You didn’t need to know that, but it’s important you get to know me.

Anyways, this looks pretty funny. Even Justin ‘never going back in the studio to record an album again’ Timberlake looks to be on good form. Segel looks to be back to his ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall‘ best. I will lightly pencil this one is for some light relief amongst all the awkward boners I get when watching attractive female leads.


This was kind of a weird post in the end. Sorry about that.

Thanks for reading and your repeat visits and continuous sharing of my blog. It is honestly appreciated.



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