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Out this Week – Wasted on the Young

What Message Are you Sending?

An extremely promising one this one kids. Hot of the press from Australia, this is a real showcase movie for all the up and coming acting and directing talent. The plot sounds a interesting and a hot girl with a gun has sold it into me. I’ve slapped in the trailer and the synopsis should you wish to find out a little more about this little sausage.


In the ‘always on’ but disaffected society of an elite high school, step brothers Zack and Darren occupy opposite ends of the school’s social hierarchy. At one of Zack’s parties Xandrie, the only person with whom Darren ever connected, is drugged, assaulted and left for dead. After Xandrie doesn’t show up at school Darren tries to find out what happened but no-one knows, says or does anything. No-one can or they just don’t care. When Xandrie finally does return to school it sets off a chain reaction with fatal results as Xandrie realises that nothing will be achieved by taking revenge. Darren decides that if he doesn’t do something then no-one will. Darren’s plan plays out at another one of Zack’s parties and soon the brothers have their lives at the mercy of popular opinion


For more info on the movie visit – facebook.com/WastedOnTheYoung

Wasted on the Young arrives in Australian Theatres March 3.


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