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Thanks for the Memories.

A note to all intrepid film fans and followers,

As you may have noticed Browntails has been given less love than it probably should over the past few months. The truth is I am a busy squirrel and until someone starts to pay me full time for reviews and features, I will have to subsidise my living costs by being a male escort during the day and working late nights defending the people of Gotham City from the scum of the backstreets. Therefore, It is will a heavy heart that I regretfully inform you that I won’t be posting any more features/reviews to the page. It’s not for a lack of trying, more a case of having the HTML skills of a 4 year old. The updates just take too darn long (I was going to post this note about a month ago)


If you were one of the few people to read my reviews then you can still enjoy them over on Blogomatic3000 where I will largely be writing reviews and features in the same vein as I would on here. The only difference is that they will get published in a timely manner.

Don’t be sad. All good things come to and end and with most ending… there’s always something positive to take away. in this instance it’s this picture of me as a kid. Goodnight and enjoy!

Read my shit here – www.blogomatic3000.com

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