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There is NO Plan B

New A-Team TV Spots

If you’re anything like me, (which would be remarkable if you also shared the same passion for cheese, dinosaurs and movies and we still haven’t crossed paths in life yet), then you will be moist at the lips for the forthcoming A-Team movie. Here for your viewing pleasure are some new A-Team TV spots that introduce each of the main players arriving on our screens July 30. What do you think?

Sub Question: Who’s going to win the battle of the action movies this summer? A-Team? Expendables? The Losers? Let your voice be heard!

Meet Murdoch

Meet Hannibal

Meet Faceman

Meet B.A.

What do you think? Am I getting excited for no reason? What to call up your Expendable/Loser mates and we’ll go for a tussle in the car park? Talk to me!

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