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Dear John – My Review

Humour me for a moment, if you will. I think there are two things wrong with me as a person. The first one is my, potentially relationship destroying, love of dinosaurs and my insistence to talk at length on a first date about the fascinating world of these dominant terrestrial vertebrate monoliths, that wandered around our planet a cool 160 million years ago. The other slightly less crippling thing is that I tend to really like going to watch films regardless of what I’m watching. Therefore it allows me to remove my self-adopted critic helmet, leave it at the door and just enjoy the experience of just being away from my best friends’ stinky feet.

Thusly this brings me neatly to Dear John. I had the pleasure of attending the Dear John premiere last week with my friend and colleague Miss Emily Butcher. My initial thoughts were initially revolving around the notion of, “What the hell have I done”, but as I got settled into my seat I thought best to be a little more open minded. I also thought that the goodie bags littered around the auditorium were best suited for the female contingent of Feref. However, I did keep the nail polish and my nails look simply FABULOUS .

The basic narrative outline goes something like this. It’s love at first sight for John (Channing Tatum – who let’s be honest is in good condition for the role), who meets college student Savannah (Amanda Seyfried – who looked hot – Well she did). After meeting only a handful of times the two young lovers are torn apart when John has to re-enlist and fulfil his duty. The two lovers’ are bound together by hope, but can they survive the distance? The question is are you going to stick around to find out the answer to this question. I’ll be honest for a moment. I’ve seen The Notebook. I didn’t want to but it’s almost like you can prove something to yourself and to the person you are with if you can sit through the whole thing without falling asleep or crying like an emotional child as their parent waves them off for the first time at school, then quite frankly you are doing well… and better than I did.

And if I’m brutally honest, it’s not a film I would care to watch again, but for the target audience it’s spot on. I think Channing Tatum is a little wooden, but aided by Amanda Seyfried she manages to prove that the chemistry between them would cause all the heart-ache that follows once John re-enlists in the army. There are, as you would expect some dangerously cheesy moments, but for a film that knocked Avatar off the top of the Box Office in America (It took $ 32,400,000 in its opening week), I’m going to give it a massive thumbs up. I’d also high five the film-makers for sticking to their guns on the ending of the film as it could have be tied up in the traditional Hollywood fashion, but there are several narrative bumps along the way that mean the fairytale ending isn’t so easily reached. It also touches on a range of issues such as autism and cancer which whilst are inherent to the story line, the film-makers don’t punch you in the mouth with them, it complements the film in a positive way.

If you like your romantic dramas with a healthy splonge of chizzled abs, wet dialogue and a smattering of quite touching moments, then you are going to OMG the moment you walk out of the cinemas. If you want a more manly version of this, they may I suggest you take down Clash of the Titans.

3/5 Stars

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