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Macbeth @ The Globe

A quick review for you all.

Shakesfear is a terrible thing. Thankfully I don’t suffer from this terrible ailment and can highly recommend the Globe as THE venue to watch a Shakespearean production.

Last night I had the pleasure of watching the final night of previews of Macbeth. I was stood with the groundlings, pretty much the only place to stand if you want that authentic Globe experience (Sit down? You must be mad!) The performance itself was excellent and the actor playing Macbeth, James Garnon, was mesmerising and my accomplice for the evening was in agreement that he really owned the stage. Equal praise must go to Lady Macbeth, a pivotal role in the corruption of the title character.

Thankfully I have both studied and performed in Macbeth so my enjoyment was only enhanced as the great cast delivered some really sharp lines. A particularly unique moment was when Macduff’s family are slaughtered. I won’t ruin it for you as they will be back in April and I suggest you get daaaarn Saaaarf and check it out.

It is cold, so make sure you take some warm clothes. The whole Globe experience is a must. Will Shakey would be proud of the quality of the productions spilling out from the South Bank.

It really is as good as it gets. Have a great weekend.

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