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Megan Fox, Mad Hatters & Martial Arts

Yo Yo.

Super Bowl Sunday was something of a write off for me. My weekend jaunt into Bath really took its toll and I passed out at 9.30pm, missing the entire game.

Super Bowl Sunday... Errr... Not so much.

Oh well! Anyways, here a couple of the Super Bowl TV Spots that took my liking.

Megan Fox’s Motorola Devour Super Bowl Spot

Motorola hooked up with my future wife for this one. The extremely hot Transformers star is seen in the bath and shows the benefits of the phone for the social media enthusiast… and what can happen with a badly timed Tweet. Such a shame the phone is uglier than Shia Lebeouf’s left foot.

Prince of Persia

Mixed feeling about this film…. until I saw Gemma Arteton in a recent play ‘The Little Dog Laughed’ and thought to myself… Wow, she CAN act. Gyllenhall is also pretty good value for money. Should be a good one. This spot doesn’t reveal too much more, but gives Arteton the opportunity to dish out her sultry voice with a ladle.

Alice in Wonderland

Tim Burton. Johnny Depp. Sold. This cheeky little spot gives more of an idea of the beastly CGI and the battle. The line that HBC has at the end of the clip has already become a firm favourite here at Feref.

The Last Airbender

Gives a much stronger indication as to what the film is about and I’m hoping that it will be a return to form for N. Night Shyamalan. Looking forward to seeing Dev Patel in his next big role since Slumdog Millionaire

Robin Hood

There’s nothing I like more than Gladiator in a forest. I’m not going to pass judgement on this just yet. I’m always open to movies, but was anyone really crying out for this to be made? I hope I proven wrong in the summer.

That’s all for this post… but be sure to check back soon for more incongruous mind ramblings.

Thanks for reading!

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