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Movie Musical Mash-Ups, The SM “Guru” & Digital Graffiti

This week I thought we’d look at a few bits and pieces from in and around the t’interweb. A few Orme inspired gems with regard to social media, but mainly stuff that has grabbed my attention or stuff I’ve simply had knocking around and I feel it’s time to share with the faithful few who take precious minutes out of their day to listen to me ramble on….

First up….

Movie Musical Mash-Ups

The first MOIO (Mind Opening Interest Object’s) are the Movie Musical Mash-ups that keep circulating around Feref Towers of late. Having had a closer look, there appears to be a heavy influx of these floating around the web. To be honest I’m still not sure if I actually like them myself, but it’s always good to hear what other people think and provoke some literary swordsmanship within the safety of the digital dojo. Here is a selection of the “best” ones. As always I would encourage you to tell me how good/whack these really are.


Alice in Wonderland

Pulp Fiction

Terminator 2

Sony Mix

Slightly different, but entertaining nonetheless.

The Social Media “Guru”

The second MOIO is this cheeky little nugget. Now whilst I may sometimes refer to myself as a Social Media expert, the truth is no one is really. You can have a healthy knowledge of the subject area, but that’s what is so awesome about social media and my job. It’s constantly changing and evolving. Ultimately it boils down to a) What do you know about the platform you are using? b) What do your audience know about the platform you are broadcasting on and c) Who is your audience? With these in mind and a solid belief and knowledge in your product you’ll be doing what I do in no time. Unfortunately this vid just re-affirms what my friends think I do… Oh well.

Digital Graffiti

Finally… Digital Graffiti. Take a look at the video link on Vimeo and tell me honestly that it doesn’t make you a little bit excited in the pant area.

Graffiti Analysis 2.0: Digital Blackbook from Evan Roth on Vimeo.

Thanks for your time! Join me again soon for some more MOIO’s!

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