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Feref Festive Fun Times

What have you been up to recently Sexy Rob?

Well… Allow me to lay down beside you, stroke you face a little and tell you all about it.

This past week has been a world-wind of parties and festive fun. The week began strongly with the Premiere party for the new Hugh Grant movie – ‘Have You Heard About the Morgans.’ I didn’t go to the film, but from what I understand, I didn’t miss much. What I made up for in opinion on the film, I made up in my opinion of the party venue and the nibbles/copious amounts of booze that were floating around the room. The night was a white wine nightmare. I drank and drank and then drank some more. The details are hazy but I remember giving my number to a girl who I have no idea what she looks like now, and woke up with a headache that almost warranted a day off. However, I sucked it up, sweated myself through Wednesday and prepared myself for Thursday. The BIG Feref Christmas party.

This year’s theme for the Feref Christmas party was ‘The Feref Fun Fair’ and it did not disappoint. We had all manner of entertainment this year. There was a magician, a candy floss and popcorn stand, a photo-booth, hook-a-duck, a strong man competition, a steady hand game, Wii fun-fair games and more drink that we could have possibly consumed even if we had thrown two parties and Miss Robyn Fawcett had been in attendance . Having said that the Champagne got dominated. After endless hours of body popping, beer swigging and cracking onto hot clients, it was time (so I thought) to go home. However, I was convinced that going out after would be a tip-top idea, so Miss Kate Scott and myself went and ripped up Soho with tequila shots at Gaz’s Rock N’ Blues. I rolled home at 4 in the morning and spent most of Friday laughing/crying/playing Rock Band/trying to climb into my own shoe.

For a full taste you can see all the pics on Facebook

Tonight I am off to see Green Zone directed by Paul Greengrass and starring Matt Damon. Should be sweet as. Check out the trailer below.

Catch you on the flip side amigos.

Sexy Rob


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2 thoughts on “Feref Festive Fun Times

  1. Love your shoes

    Posted by Wez Merchant | December 14, 2009, 7:10 pm

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