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Feref Rocks

Slappin da’Bass

Last night saw the first of many nights staring endlessly at a big television, pressing coloured buttons and rocking hard washer board style.

With a new policy to inject some ‘Fun’ into Feref Towers every month, we saw the arrival of Rock Band for Xbox. In a word it was… epic. There was applause, screaming and an abundance of tears (mainly mine) as we smashed out a solid 4.5 hours of non-stop rockness.

Apparently Miss Margot Lohan (M-Lo to her friends) is the missing 4th member of the Beastie Boys as she OWNED the track ‘Whatcha Want?’ – Rather disturbing for a small, feisty Australian chick. Not to down play my achievements. 92% and a 102 note streak whilst slappin da bass….Oh Yeah! You knows it!

Next time I’ll get naked just to spice the evening up even more. Rock and Roll mother flippers.


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