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Christmas Wouldn’t be Christmas Without…

…Chocolate KNICKERS!

As the year come to a close I thought it would be a good idea to waste some time. I was asked by my “friend” Mrs Fitch to create piece of video content to help out his flailing fish of a competition. Many of you will have seen the Marks & Spencer adverts and their campaign that poses the open question “Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without…” I have spent most of today creating it (well 2 hours) and now I’ve just been told that it’s been canned by the moderators. Oh well, here it is anyway. This is what the team at Feref Towers can’t do without. Enjoy

Next week I will be running down my top film of the year. It’ll be a doosie. Have a great weekend.

Sexy Rob


Feref Festive Fun Times

What have you been up to recently Sexy Rob?

Well… Allow me to lay down beside you, stroke you face a little and tell you all about it.

This past week has been a world-wind of parties and festive fun. The week began strongly with the Premiere party for the new Hugh Grant movie – ‘Have You Heard About the Morgans.’ I didn’t go to the film, but from what I understand, I didn’t miss much. What I made up for in opinion on the film, I made up in my opinion of the party venue and the nibbles/copious amounts of booze that were floating around the room. The night was a white wine nightmare. I drank and drank and then drank some more. The details are hazy but I remember giving my number to a girl who I have no idea what she looks like now, and woke up with a headache that almost warranted a day off. However, I sucked it up, sweated myself through Wednesday and prepared myself for Thursday. The BIG Feref Christmas party.

This year’s theme for the Feref Christmas party was ‘The Feref Fun Fair’ and it did not disappoint. We had all manner of entertainment this year. There was a magician, a candy floss and popcorn stand, a photo-booth, hook-a-duck, a strong man competition, a steady hand game, Wii fun-fair games and more drink that we could have possibly consumed even if we had thrown two parties and Miss Robyn Fawcett had been in attendance . Having said that the Champagne got dominated. After endless hours of body popping, beer swigging and cracking onto hot clients, it was time (so I thought) to go home. However, I was convinced that going out after would be a tip-top idea, so Miss Kate Scott and myself went and ripped up Soho with tequila shots at Gaz’s Rock N’ Blues. I rolled home at 4 in the morning and spent most of Friday laughing/crying/playing Rock Band/trying to climb into my own shoe.

For a full taste you can see all the pics on Facebook

Tonight I am off to see Green Zone directed by Paul Greengrass and starring Matt Damon. Should be sweet as. Check out the trailer below.

Catch you on the flip side amigos.

Sexy Rob

A Labour of Love: UB40 & Me

Ode to Ub40

So there I was getting the shark fin tamed yesterday in one of Soho’s uber-cool hairdressing establishments called B:Zar. It’s a curious place to get your hair cut, unless you speak Japanese, but through the aid of some ridiculous gesticulations and me mouthing the word, ‘S-H-A-R-K’ to my “Stylist”, Kayto, he smashed into my hair. As I sat there wondering how long it would take him this time, the music changed from the very pleasant Passion Pit to UB40’s ‘Red Red Wine’ and with that a tidal wave of emotions and feelings slapped me across my little brown face, and for the next 30 minutes I sat there, eyes closed absorbing to all the hits they have squeezed out over the years. For some reason I have little place in my heart for this little reggae band from the Midlands.

I think Graham, my step-father can be blamed for this.

Growing up in Worcester was pretty dry. Limited stimulus. There were fields and orchards near my old house, but there’s only so often that you can run around them before the farmers start to get pissed and try and hunt you down in the combine harvesters. Graham has always been into his Reggae music. A curious choice for 6ft 5ins white Scotsman, but who am I to judge. Just as I was beginning to form musical opinions and tastes he was thrust into my life and with it his music preferences. At the time I remember thinking, “Good God” this music stinks”. However, each Sunday we would do the garden together and blast UB40 out of the house and I would sing along whilst watching the G-man do his odd rocking-back-and-forth-fingers-dance. A difficult dance to describe and even more difficult movement to perfect whilst mowing the lawn, but then… he’s a pro. I also distinctly remember the occasion where he forced me to sing ‘I’ve got you babe” on my own at a Karaoke night, in front of a packed out assembly hall at his old school (where he was the headmaster). For most this would have been a cringe worthy experience, but being me … I rocked it. I must have been about 12 or so and it was one of the first occasions I consciously realised just how much I love an audience to perform in front of. Nothing much has changed… apart form the hair.

Hearing the back-cat of songs as the Soho Shark Fin took shape was a heart-warming experience. I guess the moral of this story is just that music has always been a greater marker for poignant moments , good and bad, in my life. Mowing the lawn listening to Birmingham’s finest may not strike you as particularly interesting, those lazy Sundays had a remarkable effect upon me. We even named our pet African Grey parrot … UB.

This was my mini-love letter to the band and a mini-thanks to Graham, so for now I’ll leave you with a slightly more recent classic featuring Pato Banton, ‘Baby Come Back’ Enjoy.

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